Ecological Studies Staff & Associates

Ecological Studies has a solid core of natural resource scientists who are recognized as specialists in wildlife. In addition, we maintain a strong association with independent specialists and companies in order to form the best technical team for each project. Biographical profiles for key personnel are included below.


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Dawn Reis - Senior Wildlife and Aquatic Ecologist
Jessica Wheeler - Assistant Ecologist & GIS Specialist
Kim Glinka - Wildlife Ecologist




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Dr. Richard Arnold - Entomologist
Paul Heady - Bat Conservationist
Winifred Frick - Bat Conservationist
Nikki Nedeff - Riparian and Native Plant Ecologist


Ecological Studies Statement of Qualifications


Dawn K. Reis, M.S. - Aquatic Ecology & Conservation Biology
Senior Wildlife and Aquatic Ecologist

Evaluation of specific wildlife species within complex fresh water or estuarine ecosystems is Dawn’s specialty. She has expertise with aquatic ecology, raptors (birds of prey) and herpetology. Dawn has conducted fish passage studies in streams and wildlife monitoring studies. She has also designed and implemented studies to assess the hydrological function of both freshwater and estuarine environments. Dawn has performed several other comprehensive studies on California Red-legged Frog ecology, including habitat studies of both adult frogs and tadpoles.

Dawn has conducted focused surveys, habitat evaluations, and Biological Assessments for state and/or federal “Threatened” and “Endangered” species, as well as, state protected “Species of Special Concern” to facilitate Formal Consultation with the regulating agencies. Dawn’s experience includes both large and small scale projects. She conducted the Biological Assessment for California Red-legged Frogs for the Proposed Carmel River Dam and Reservoir Project in 2000. Dawn has also conducted wildlife assessments and developed management plans and recommendations for several open space acquisition and management projects.

Dawn began working as a Wildlife and Aquatic Ecologist for environmental consulting firms in 1993. However her career in wildlife conservation extends back to 1987, with marine mammal research projects including work with dolphins, sealions, and, orcas. She has helped restore Peregrine Falcon, and Bald Eagle populations. She has also worked as an educator since 1989 and directed an outdoor science school in Mendocino County for four years.
Dawn Reis' Resume (PDF)
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Jessica Wheeler, BS Biology with a Marine Emphasis
Assistant Ecologist & GIS Specialist

Jessica Wheeler is our Assistant Ecologist, Geographic Information Systems Technician, and Graphic Artist. Jessica has a diverse skill base and is familiar with both marine and terrestrial biological systems. She has worked as a naturalist in the Monterey Bay Area for nine years.

Jessica was awarded the Associate Our World Underwater Scholarship in 1991. During this year long scholarship she worked with several marine related biologists, hydrologists, and geologists as well as the Cayman Islands government and attended the Brooks Institute of Photography for their Undersea Photography course.

Jessica has also studied Watershed Science at California State University of Monterey Bay and Global Information Systems (GIS) at Monterey Peninsula College. She has worked as a field biologist with emphasis on, California Red-legged Frogs, and steelhead salmon. She has conducted habitat evaluations as well as focused surveys for these federally protected “Threatened” species. Jessica helped to develop a management plan for gully restoration on Fort Ord for the BLM. She has four years of experience with riparian restoration and monitoring for the Carmel River System and Lagoon and has knowledge in the effects of ground water pumping, water table draw down and the effects on the surrounding vegetation. Jessica has knowledge of native plants, invasive species, erosion prevention, and irrigation.

Jessica Wheeler is permitted under Dawn Reis (see above) to handle and conduct studies with California Red-legged Frogs and tadpoles.
Jessica Wheeler's Resume (PDF)
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Diane “Kim” Glinka, BS in Wildlife Biology
Wildlife Ecologist

Kim Glinka has worked as a professional wildlife biologist since 1990. Kim’s experience includes a wide range of threatened and endangered species surveys and habitat characterizations. Her experience includes bat surveys, including radio telemetry studies; surveys and habitat assessments for protected amphibians including, Shasta Salamander, Foothill Yellow-legged Frogs, and California Red-legged Frogs; surveys for Black-footed Ferrets for pipeline projects in Utah; numerous raptor (birds of prey) surveys, Desert Kit Fox surveys, and Western Pond Turtle surveys in California.

Kim Glinka also has extensive experience as an environmental inspector and monitor for protected wildlife species for construction projects. Ms. Glinka has worked on a number of large projects in the San Joaquin Valley and vicinity that have given her extensive experience with the wildlife resources of the region. She served as lead Environmental Inspector for a Williams Telecommunications, Inc. fiber optic cable line from Bakersfield to San Luis Obispo, and monitored active raptor nests along the Los Baños-Mercy Springs Junction 70kv Transmission Line in Merced County. She conducted preconstruction wildlife surveys and served as an environmental monitor on the California Department of Water Resources Coastal Branch, Phase II Water Pipeline Project in Kern and San Luis Obispo counties, and conducted preconstruction surveys on the PGT-PG&E Pipeline Expansion Project and the San Joaquin Valley segment of the Mojave Pipeline Project.

Kim Glinka is permitted under Dawn Reis (see above) to handle and conduct studies with California Red-legged Frogs and tadpoles.
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Dick (Richard A.) Arnold, PhD
Entomological Consulting Services, Ltd.

Entomological Consulting Services, Ltd. offers special expertise with rare or endangered insects, arachnids, and invertebrates, especially in California and the western United States. We have conducted in-depth field studies of both terrestrial and aquatic taxa, and have experience with all of the West Coast insects now recognized by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as endangered or threatened. We can provide comprehensive study and reporting services for any project involving rare, endangered, or candidate species.

Further information regarding Dr. Arnold’s expertise, services, and example projects can be accessed by visiting Entomological Consulting Services, Ltd. Web Site:
Entomological Consulting Services, Ltd. Web Site
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Paul A. Heady III, Central Coast Bat Research Group
Bat Ecologist, CCBRG Consulting Director


Paul Heady has worked as an environmental consultant in California, specializing in bats, since 1993. He has been the lead consultant on numerous projects concerning bat conservation, including special-status species surveys, mitigation proposal and design, and structure surveys for bat use. Heady has extensive experience with all aspects of bat research, including roost surveys, bat capture and handling, acoustic sampling and analysis, and radio-tracking. The Central Coast Bat Research Group offers a variety of consulting services including special-status bat surveys, bat mitigation, bat house design and construction, and impact assessment for wind development.

For more information about Paul Heady's expertise and CCBRG's consulting services and capabilities, you can visit

Paul A. Heady holds a level 3 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the California Department of Fish and Game, which permits live-capture, identification, marking, and radio-tracking of California bat species.
Paul A. Heady's Resume
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Winifred F. Frick, Central Coast Bat Research Group
Bat Ecologist, CCBRG Research Director

Winifred Frick received her Ph.D. in 2007 from Oregon State University, where her dissertation research focused on island biogeography and community ecology of bats on islands in the Sea of Cortés in northwest Mexico. Dr. Frick has experience working as an environmental consultant specializing in bats in California since 2000 and has participated in numerous consulting projects concerning bat conservation and mitigation.

For more information about Dr. Frick's expertise and research interests, please visit the Central Coast Bat Research Group website:

Winifred Frick is authorized on Paul Heady’s MOU permit (see above).
Winifred F. Frick's Resume
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Nicole Nedeff, MA Biogeography & Plant Ecology
Riparian & Native Plant Ecologist

Nicole Nedeff has sixteen years experience in Monterey County working with public agencies and private organizations to evaluate, inventory, preserve, and restore and manage natural resources. She has extensive experience evaluating the impacts of stream flow and groundwater changes on riparian/wetland vegetation. Nicole has expert understanding of riparian vegetation ecology and restoration techniques. She has a thorough understanding of regional geography, including geology, hydrology and cultural history. Nicole also has broad experience with rare plants, plant ecology, and wildlife in all habitat types found in California.

Nicole Nedeff has extensive knowledge of local, state and federal regulations pertaining to land use in Monterey County. She is experienced writing and reviewing CEQA and NEPA documents, and is approved by the Monterey County Planning and Building Inspection Department to conduct Biological Assessments. She is also an excellent grant-writer.
Nicole Nedeff's Resume (PDF)
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Dawn Reis, M.S. Principal
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