RESTORATION We provide quantifiable target goals for wildlife food and shelter needs as well as dispersal corridor habitats, which are then used by hydrologists, engineers and vegetation specialists to create plan sheets. These target goals are also used for both pre- and post-restoration monitoring, and for management planning.    Wildlife Habitat Restoration Creation Projects include:    •	Pond design recommendations to support specific wildlife species include setting target depths, water duration, water temperatures, substrate, and target goals for aquatic vegetation cover type •	Terrestrial habitat designs recommendations to support wildlife species or wildlife diversity that include developing “plant palettes” with specific mixture of plant type and amount of cover and/or structure height •	Tailored invasive species (non-native species) removal evaluations, and the staff to implement the removal project RESEARCH We provide assistance with the field component of your research projects by providing both the training and field staff need to complete your project. Our assistance may include: training in natural history, training in species identification, permitting guidance, and selecting capture methods that do not interfere with endangered species.   •	Field study designs for measuring wildlife populations or habitat during both pre- and post-project installations  •	Wildlife usage of habitat areas •	Assistance with selecting appropriate capture methodologies  •	Assistance with statistical design and implementation •	Toxicology and bioassessment studies We provide tailored workshops for natural resource planners and government agencies. Each workshop is designed to meet your needs and may include field components and focus on ecology, and identification of both endangered species and species of special concern.   Wildlife natural history workshops and training include:  •	Natural history of amphibians and reptiles specific to a project area •	How to conduct habitat evaluations •	Management recommendations for amphibians, reptiles or birds •	Survey methodologies for amphibians, reptiles and birds •	Overview of permitting constraints associated with target species •	Hands on lab or field component when possible  EDUCATION
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Ecological Studies is a highly respected environmental consulting company whose mission is to be Ambassadors for Wildlife.  We do this by consulting for wildlife conservation, restoration, research and education on natural resource projects.
CONSERVATION  We provide species-specific surveys and Wildlife Management Plans that target conservation, species diversity, and habitat enhancement.  Our services targeting conservation include:  1)	Single-or Multiple-Species Focused Surveys. We can provide either in-house expertise or collaboration with other experts to conduct the following species surveys and or project recommendations to avoid harmful impacts to the following:  2)	Wildlife Management Plans.  Our expert staff provides tailored Wildlife Management Plans. A few selected management focuses include:  •	Evaluation of proposed land use activities and management recommendations •	Wildlife enhancements and recommendations with specific tangible goals to improve habitat for target species •	Recommendations to provide connectivity for target species along with goals for corridor structure/shelter type specific to the target species •	Tailored invasive species (non-native species) removal recommendations to reduce competition and or predation on target species Home Services Staff Clients SOQ Projects Water Purification Contact Us Links Services